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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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just cease and puppies to finish the show. and puppies can make you smile. that's a good thing. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "the story" seven, fair, balanced and unafraid, "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now with a lot of news. >> martha: thank you very much, bret. good to see you tonight. busy night, as bret has said, and there is a fox news alert. active and ongoing shooting situation is unfolding at this moment in philadelphia. police say several officers have been shot. six is the number we have at the hospital right now. this is what the scene looks like. there has been a massive police presence in the area where there have been reports and witnesses were over 100 gunshots were heard and police say the suspect is still in the house. this is a narcotics bust. i believe two officers are in the house and the suspect is continuing to shoot. they are barricaded, we will get more details in just a moment.
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the white house tells us the president has been brief, as you would expect, is monitoring the situation. very fluid-moving situation at this hour. 7:00 on the east coast in philadelphia. breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us now. he has the very latest details in the case tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening, martha. a moment to go philadelphia police still pushing reporters and others away from the scene, so clearly there appears to be a huge continued sense of urgency. people on scene have not heard gunshots for several minutes. you can see that s.w.a.t. units are still holding a position on rooftops and behind buildings. at one point the scanner traffic was all about identifying the location of the various officers behind the cars, behind the buildings, on top of the roofs so there wouldn't be any chance of any friendly fire incidents. the local news reports say there is at least one officer still trapped inside. you mentioned earlier there were two. we know there were two.
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there was somewhere that one of the officers got out. that has not yet been confirmed by philadelphia police, so we know at least one officer is still trapped inside this building. it could be as many as two, and that the shooter was shooting through the ceiling and the walls of this multiunit family trying to attack the various officers. we know this whole thing started out as a narcotic warrant being served in a multifamily unit building, that's when a suspect, possibly suspects, open fire. as you said, martha, at least 100 rounds were fired. it could have been more than that. during the playback of dispatch audio when police were literally calling for all units to respond, all hands on deck. you could hear in the background dozens of gunshots being fired. it right now authorities say six officers were shot. none of the injuries is life-threatening and additional officers are being treated for
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nonshooting injuries including one officer who was involved in an automobile accident. at least 90 minutes, the shooting was off and on. this all went down just a block from temple university medical center and now there are reports the suspect is live streaming the entire shooting on facebook. police are now in the process of trying to shut down that live stream. you can see the still-very heavy police presence there. anybody in and around this area, if you don't know philadelphia, north philly, one of the busiest parts of the entire city. the whole entire area surrounding this has been shut down. we are talking about mass transit, we are talking about automobiles. anybody walking in and around the area. they are having trouble getting some people out of their homes who might still be in some danger. but as far as we know, martha, at least one officer, possibly two, still inside this building along with somebody with a weapon who is now live streaming
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this while police try and shut down that live stream. >> martha: unbelievable. trace, thank you very much. good to have a standing by on all of this tonight. as trace just reported, the shooter is live streaming online. the shooting taking place this evening, we have been told all reporters have been pushed back. they do not want to have on television of view of the front of this building, which is 15th street and erie according to the reports that we received, so they don't want anybody to be able to watch on television and be able to see the position of the police outside. that's the reason for that. juan williams knows all of this too well. police beat reported back in the '70s in philadelphia, knows this neighborhood well and joins me know. it's always good to have it with. >> thank you. >> martha: what you think as you watch this? >> one, you got to remember this is right around temple university in the temple university medical center. so this is an area that has lots of activity.
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not far from broad street, one of the main avenues in the city of philadelphia, so when they say they are shutting it down, you understand this kind of shooting is taking place, it is a threat to the whole area. this is like a main artery in the city of philadelphia right there on erie. the second thing to say is you have to understand is how the drug issue has been changing in this country. a record was set at the port of philadelphia in the month of april for the amount of cocaine busted. it was a record. and guess what? just three months later in june, another record set. this time 16 times worth more than a billion dollars of cocaine, busted at the port of philadelphia. we also have now, as people are paying more attention to opioids and trying to make some inroads into prescription drugs, and increased amount of sales of methamphetamines, particularly stuff that comes with sentinel attached to it. you have these people who are selling what seemed to be sort of minor drugs a minute ago, now
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we have a new kind of drug issue on the streets, and it pumps up a lot of these smaller cartels and gangs, and that's why i think when the police went in here, i don't think they understood how much these folks had, not only in terms of potential the amount of drugs, but guns. that they have enough guns that this guy can be shooting now for how many hours? it's unbelievable. they have captured some of the members of this drug operation. the others are trapped in the building, as you've heard on stories above. it's almost like an elmore leonard novel to me, because we don't know who that guy is shooting at. is he shooting at the cops? does he think someone ratted him out was a fellow drug dealer? we don't know. it's an incredible story but an incredible moment. again, the front in terms of drugs in this country. big drug bust appear in new york, westchester county, tremendous big drug bust in baltimore and now what we see is philadelphia being a real center, as i said, april, a
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record drug cocaine bust and just subsequently in june, over a billion dollars in coke busted at the philadelphia airport. >> martha: what comes to my mind is when you look at the situation, you look at the discussion we had about baltimore, the president said things that got people very upset about baltimore, but you think about the carnage that he referred to in the state of the union address and he mentioned directly with that phrase, drugs on our streets. and you have a very strong economy. a lot of people were working out who were not working over the past several years, and yet you still have this in enormous drg trade. i'm curious what you think about sort of the larger infrastructure of the drug dealing that happens in philadelphia. who was behind it in the '70s, who might be behind it now. you look at mob connections, all of that, what's your for that? >> this is so different.
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terrific question, because if you look back at me '70s, what you had were big drug dealers. guys who were kind of on the street and known for selling drugs. now, it's not the big drug dealers. it's no longer like mafia or mob-oriented, organized in that way. now it's a lot of local people who are popping up reaction to the fact that we've seen an increase in the amount of cocaine sales in this country. again, a low point in about '06. now we are seeing it back at record levels. it's the highest it's been since then. that's all around the country. but again, it fits in with opioid. we know the opioid situation as often times in rural america that often times it can a population of people who are again, low income people who are struggling. in big cities like philadelphia, what you see again is cowboys pop up who decide they can make some quick money and its oftentimes young boys,
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teenagers, kids who are kind of delinquent, maybe have a record, maybe have their trade in prison. they come in. i think that's what we got going on. i don't think these are pros. i think this is a scattershot operation. the only mistake your made by the police was not understanding what they were getting into. how well-armed and how big this operation was. i don't think they understood. that's where the shooter has the opportunity to initially shoot police because otherwise the police should have overwhelmed him. >> martha: as you say, we don't know what they understood or didn't understand going in there, but it's obvious that this situation exploded into something that that they did not anticipate, and you've got the streets lined now with police officers because six of their own have been shot and i believe torres said that only one is now believed to be still in the building. imagine how terrifying this is for this police officer as the shooting continues and one of
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the shooters is shooting through the floor, just trying to sort of see if you can nail whoever happens to be up there in his way and this is a guy who knows that he's not probably leaving the situation alive unless they can take him in and interrogate him. this is a very desperate situation for anybody who is in that building right now. it's volatile. >> that's exactly right. in other words, if you're watching at home, your thinking why not take and throw a concussion grenade in the? one what they throw like phosphorus that could blind this guy or smoking out? the thing is it's a residential building and you've got a policeman in the building with a suspect. so you can't just go in and kind of destroy this. >> martha: essentially they are treating this as a hostage. we don't know whether or not he's actually being held. one of the reports was that he was holed up in a bathroom or a small room in the building. all these details are going to be confirmed at some point, but the word is that the sergeant on
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the scene is communicating now with the shooter as they try to basically offer him some kind of reason to come out and to talk to them and likely saying things along the lines of -- you know, this is only going to get worse. come on out, save yourself at this point. and try to get him -- it's always fascinating to me at the dialogue that goes on in these situations, because you have experts at hostage rescue for going to speak to this individual and try to convince him that the best move at this point for him would be to come out and to let this -- >> out of the question is, is this where he lives? in other words, is his mother in the building? 's mother could be used by a hostage negotiator to try to talk her son out of it. is it the case that there are neighbors who could talk to this person? can the police offer any kind of opportunity for him to save face? at this juncture it doesn't look -- this is what you said,
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it doesn't look like he gets out of this alive, does it? because he has put himself in a position where he still a threat. he still has ammunition, he's still shooting. the police have an alternative, but within limits in terms of restraint, to fire back, to protect themselves. it may be kind of police-assisted suicide at some point. >> martha: we will see if they can give them some kind of incentive to stay alive and walk out and let this thing and at this point. that is clearly the best outcome at this moment and obviously they want to protect the life of that police officer who's still in there. the early reports, and i stress that, or that the six officers who are shot are likely to recover from their injuries and we certainly hope that continues to be the case as they are at the hospital, the temple hospital nearby. juan, thank you very much for being here tonight. obviously as we get new developments throughout the course of "the story" tonight, we're going to bring this to you
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as they become available. coming up next, jennifer rose says that jeffrey epstein raped her when she was a teenager on a massage table. now it's time for his enablers to who recruited all of these are women to be held responsible. a "story" exclusive you do not want to miss, next. >> he, you know, very forcefully kind of brought me into the table. i just did what he told me to do. i really scared and i was telling him to stop. ♪ most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship
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>> martha: tonight, the saga of the sleeping prison guard. not since lady macbeth drug the guards have sleeping watchman drawn so much intrigue.
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did they fall asleep and then fix the logs to show otherwise? to the department of justice get a look at that video and prove them liars? that is the ongoing investigation. now epstein's victims hopeful that perhaps his property will be divided up and that they will get a piece of that perhaps as restitution, and they hope to charge the women who they think worked as his recruiters. supplying him typically with three young girls every day. which raises the question, where is maxwell? girlfriend and they say accused rumor. they say she was holed up at her tech ceo boyfriend's house in massachusetts but reached today, he says he's in europe and there's no one at his home except his cat, that she is not there. so where is the british-born
4:19 pm
socialite? all of these are questions tonight. judith miller writes that epstein's death in jail is "unfathomable, outrageous, intertribal every american," noting in a new op-ed is next to impossible to kill oneself in jail. i know because i've been there. 2005 when judith miller was with "the new york times," she voluntarily spent three months at alexander detention center rather than identify her sources. she is now a fox news contributor. great to see you this evening. >> nice to see you, martha. >> martha: what are your thoughts on this story? now that you had a little bit of time to digest of this and the ball keeps moving forward with these now-apparently sleeping guards. >> exactly. that's just the latest report. two of the guards who were supposed to look in on mr. epstein every 30 minutes did not do so. that is an unconfirmed report, the justice department is not commenting on it, but it is one of the many troubling aspects of
4:20 pm
epstein's death that's now being looked at and investigated. there are so many troubling questions about what happened here, but there's also a lot of misinformation about what people are being told. i know that being a prison guard is very hard work and they are underpaid, but the mcc, the metropolitan correctional center was not severely understaffed. it was operating according to my sources at about 84% staffing capacity. and the guards were not worked down to the bone. according to the latest figures that we have about out of the 21 guards who were on duty between 4:00 p.m. and midnight had volunteered to do some overtime and then from midnight to 8:00 -- that's the crucial period when epstein died. at that point you had roughly
4:21 pm
ten out of the 18 guards who were responsible for him doing over time but they were volunteers. there was only one guard -- i'm told a woman -- who was doing a mandatory double shift. but she hadn't worked a double shift for at least five days. but whatever happened there is probably very troubling and very bad. and the justice department is trying to get to the bottom of it along with the bureau of prisons and other people. >> martha: here's bill de blasio talking about this whole thing. i want to get quick reaction from you before we let you go. >> this is way too convenient. this makes no sense. is one of the most prominent prisoners in america at that point. he had either attempted suicide previously or been assaulted. either way, it's the same reality, he needs to be watched 24 hours a day. it's one of the premier federal facilities in the country. it belongs to the justice department. this is -- come on, how on earth do they miss this?
4:22 pm
>> martha: a lot of people pointing finger at the justice department. a legal analyst on nbc said it was basically bill barr's fault let this happen. what do you say about that? >> i don't think that's fair. i think the attorney general has a lot of these facilities to worry about. he was told when jeffrey epstein was actually taken off suicide watch that the prison was going to watch him and monitor him every 30 minutes, that he was going to have a cellmate that was conveniently or inconveniently transferred out on the day before the night that he died. there are many, many irregularities that i'm told have actually shocked and outraged at the attorney genera attorney general, -- i share his reaction. as someone who's been there and knows how hard it is to control anything in jail, this is just mystifying and infuriating. we've got to get to the bottom of it. i think that's what the justice department and bill barr are trying to do. >> martha: absolutely, and no
4:23 pm
doubt they have more information than any of us do at this point and they are going to keep digging. judy, thank you so much. good to see you tonight. >> thank you so much, martha. >> martha: it now to a "story" exclusive with jennifer rose, who alleges that she was lowered into epstein's new york mansion when she was just a teenager. they are, she says, he sexually assaulted and raped her. here she is telling her story publicly last month. >> and he, you know, very forcefully kind of brought me into the table. i just did what i was -- what he told me to do. i was really scared and i was telling him to stop, please stop. >> did he? >> he did not. >> to jeffrey epstein rape you? >> he raped me. forcefully raped me. it knew exactly what he was doing and i don't think cared. >> martha: today she filed a lawsuit against the epstein
4:24 pm
estate saying "jeffrey epstein and his network of enablers stole from me. they robbed me of my youth, my identity, my innocence, my self-worth for too long, they escaped accountability. i am here today because i intend to change that. you're now jennifer araoz's attorney, thank you very much for being with us. what was jennifer's reaction when she got the news that epstein was dead? >> initially she was angry. a little frustrated. she was hoping that mr. epstein would face justice in a criminal courtroom. that she would be able to stand up to him and see him face a judge that would ultimately lead to his jail -- lead to him going to jail, but she's committed now to move forward. that was a disappointment from that perspective. but justice begins now for her. that's why she filed a lawsuit today. she's fully intending to see
4:25 pm
this through to the end and ultimately make people understand that it wasn't just jeffrey epstein that victimized her. that there was a network of enablers, as you heard her statement, around him permitted this to occur. they are going to be held accountable hopefully criminally and we have confidence that the southern district is looking at that angle, but she tends to do her part to hold those enablers, the ones she can identify accountable in her civil litigation. >> martha: we have pictures of some of the people who have been in that circle, who worked for jeffrey epstein. we are going to put those up on the screen now. but she has been able to identify these individuals, correct? and she, as far as i understand, never met maxwell, is that true? >> that's true. she hasn't yet been able to identify the recruiter that actually interacted with her. this is a long time ago, she was 14 years old when this happen.
4:26 pm
but we continue those efforts to try and have that occur. but her interacting with maxwell is not the factual basis, the factual -- predicate for a claim against ms. maxwell. she was one of the principal conspirators in the sex trafficking ring. because of her efforts, because of her perpetuation for this ring through were administratively handling this operation by maintaining the pipeline of girls to mr. epstein, by recruiting the recruiters, by engaging -- >> martha: she denies all of that, of course. what do you think about the fact that nobody seems to know where she is right now? >> yeah, we are undertaking our own effort to try to find out where she is. we haven't been able to identify the location. when we can, obviously, we will serve her with these papers, because we think -- >> martha: do you think she's still in the country? >> we don't know.
4:27 pm
she may or may not become a we don't know. we are undertaking an investigation now to find out where she has, as lots of other lawyers and i believe probably the federal government. >> martha: dan kaiser, thank you, keep us posted. thank you very much. fox news alert, philadelphia mayor jim kenney has just arrived at temple university hospital to visit with the injured officers there as we continue to monitor the situation, still ongoing at this hour as the gunman is hold up in a residence in philadelphia as is one police officer. very tense situation, we are going to keep on top of it. also, is a global recession on the horizon today? see what happened. susan lee on the ground in hong kong with what to make up the dow's 800-point drop. plus, democrats deliver an ominous warning to the supreme court. move to the left, or else. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
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>> martha: oh, boy, tough day for the dow, down more than 800 points. worst day of 2019, for sure, and halfway across the globe in hong kong, protests are putting investors further on edge, and that's where susan lee has stayed up late or gotten up early, been up all night for us to report the story tonight. hi, susan! >> hi, martha. a new dawn, a new day here in hong kong where investors in the city and around the rest of the world are trying to figure out what to do after the worst day on wall street and what investors are concerned about is this so-called yield curve inversion. i know it sounds wonky and it's technical, but it's really important because it's preceded virtually every recession since the 1960s and what is a yield curve inversion?
4:33 pm
that's when the interest that you get on a two year treasury note is actually higher than what you get on a 10-year treasury note and that is indicative of slowing growth in the future, not a good sign. we had president trump tweeting about this today and he started off talking about china first of all. let me get this up for you. it says "we are winning big time against china. companies and jobs are, prices for the u.s. have not gone up and in some cases have come down. china is not our problem, hong kong is not helping. our problem is with the fed. it raised too much too fast. now too slow to cut." we did have protests hitting the street after a court injunction virtually banned them from the hong kong airport, so hundreds of protesters are amassing in the world part of the district just across the harbor here and there met with hong kong police. teargas being lobbed after what they call provocation by the protesters were beaming laser beams directly at the hong kong police. we also just got a tweet minutes ago from president trump about
4:34 pm
the situation in hong kong and negotiations with china. trump saying "i know president xi of china is doing very well. he's a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. he is also a good man in a tough business." this is the important part. personal meeting, question mark. there are concerning satellite images being circulator right now showing a paramilitary buildup of troops and tanks and artillery just across the water here, just a few kilometers from hong kong borders. back to you. >> martha: susan lee, thank you so much. great to have you with us tonight from hong kong live. also tonight in the u.s. supreme court, is it in need of healing? that is the view of some senate democrats urging the high court to stay out of a gun case that was brought against an nra group. the senators warned the conservative majority court "perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demands
4:35 pm
it be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics." particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it, the supreme court, to heal. it comes as a number of 2020 presidential candidates signal and openness to expand the number of judges on the court should they win back the white house. here now, mollie hemingway, author of justice and trail and senior editor of "the federalist" and jessica tarlov, senior director of research at, both of fox news contributors. jess, let me start with you, is the court ill, and is the court in need of healing or sort of forced restructuring? >> i take those as two separate issues. i do believe the court to be ill. a majority of americans do in that they say that it is motivated purely by partisanship, 55% of americans say that. in need of restructuring? no, i'm going to side with rbg here that nine is plenty. that is the right number of justices. as far as with the democratic hopefuls are doing, showed a few
4:36 pm
people who are open to this, whether that's expanding the number 215 or having kind of rotating set of justices coming in from the appellate court. that feels like a dangerous precedent to set here. i think joe biden's right to stick with less work with what we have. if there is no doubt that partisanship has completely infected the court. >> martha: mollie, what to think about that? has partisanship completely infected court? >> i think the court has for many decades made too many political decisions. the court as the founders intended was to just determine whether legislation is constitutional or not. not to act as a legislature of its own that changes laws or comes up with new rates or annihilates other rights because they feel like it personally. so the legitimacy of the court is tied somewhat to that ability to just understand a fairly modest role, determining whether a given law is constitutional or not. i think this particular threat from these democrats is because this is actually dealing with a new york case about gun rights that even people who support the
4:37 pm
new york law understand is probably unconstitutional in the court is likely to overturn it. so i think this is sort of a last-ditch effort, even though this is a growing movement on the left to call for court packing, i think this is just an effort to see what they can get on a case they are likely to lose. >> martha: it's interesting to me, there are people on the more liberal side of the country who believe that the court is too conservative and then there are people on the more conservative side who believe that the court is to liberal, that even some of the justices are not textual list enough for them. this is a quote from mike davis of ap three, which is a conservative group which tries to get as many conservative justices on the court as they can. he says the senate democrats' latest court filing is yet another blatant partisan assault on judicial independence and the supreme court should consider contempt proceedings for his not so veiled threats. these senate democrats can start the proposed healing by
4:38 pm
accepting the fact that the american people hired president trump, not hillary clinton, to pick judges. "just? >> if that situation were reversed we would have a statement from a liberal saying that exactly the same thing. this is what happens and actually i'm glad we are talking about this because i thought it was a real missed opportunity in the second debate that there were no questions whatsoever about the supreme court and frankly about judges across this country. president trump has gone through 59, i believe, nominee so far. is going to be well outpacing president obama even if you just get the four years, let alone eight years in office. it's incredibly important, this last far longer than any presidency. it's been flu it works. >> it is the way that it works, absolutely but for republican, this is a problem with liberals, i think it's completely dishonest. the reverse would be true. that's always on about this. >> martha: 's people, no one's going to approve of them 100% but the fact is they are putting poor life appointments and they are to be nominated by the
4:39 pm
party. the senate's job is to approve or disapprove. final thoughts? >> that is absolutely how it should happen. but i think what people are frustrated by is seeing some inappropriate behavior when it comes to nominations of supreme court justices. brazenly political. it literally if you don't roll the way we like, we might do it court packing scheme. that is something that has been tried in the past. fdr famously lost his effort to do it. you start with a cap and a confirmation where people came up with meritless acquisition with no evidence in support of them to defame someone because they know they were losing a court seat. his efforts to dig into them. this type of behavior i think is well beyond what is appropriate. there is a limit to what is appropriate. >> can i just add quickly a part of the frustration obviously stems back to the fact that mitch mcconnell would not even hear from eric garland,
4:40 pm
president obama's nominee for the supreme court. >> martha: that sticks in our craw and will try the end of time. >> right in my craw. >> martha: there are six supreme court justices originally, there were a nonnine. if the constitution doesn't dictate a number and that's why it names historically an open question. great to see you tonight. another update out of philadelphia. police mousing the officers are continuing to attempt to communicate with the suspect, but the suspect is still firing. if they are urging the public to stay a good distance away from this scene. also tonight, coming up, the bombshell documentary that featured two men who said they were abused by the king of pop, michael jackson. depositions from one of his accusers is casting doubt on his story. we are going to show you what he said in his new video. geraldo rivera considered michael jackson a friend, is next. >> found out what we were doing, he and i would go to jail for the rest of our lives.
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♪ >> he was one of the kindest, most gentle, loving, caring people i knew, me. for seven years. >> martha: is michael jackson accuser wade robson telling his story of abuse by michael jackson in an exclusive hbo documentary that was released earlier this year, but now his story is coming under scrutiny in light of a newly released video deposition from 2016. here again, chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher. hi, trace. >> leaving neverland, runs about 30 minutes and points out several things that critics have been saying since "leaving neverland" first aired on hbo, like why was jackson family not given the opportunity to respond to the damaging claims about michael jackson, and why was
4:46 pm
actor macaulay culkin not contacted to speak about jackson? remember, the accusers say he was also abused by jackson, but the actor strongly denies that saying jackson was one of his best friends. and it's important to note that one accuser, wade robson, testified during michael jackson's 2005 trial, which i covered gavel to gavel, and at the time he swore jackson never molested him. watch this. >> online 20 when you're asked did michael jackson ever touch you in a way and you responded never, no, correct? >> correct. >> and that was a lie, correct? >> that was what i had rehearsed with michael. >> he now claims that he testified jackson didn't sexually abused him to save the singers life, but his 2005 testimony was so compelling, many legal experts say it is the reason jackson was acquitted, and there are numerous other holes in his new story, one
4:47 pm
major point of contention is where he says the abuse began. he alleges that it started during a trip to the grand canyon, and watch where he talks in "leaving neverland was quote about being left alone with michael jackson. >> i was ecstatic about this. michael was ecstatic about this, so my whole family left. >> but in his 2016 deposition, robson contradicts that statement, clearly indicating that his family was still with him at the grand canyon when he claims the abuse began. watch this. >> then whenever it was bedtime, she went upstairs michael and i stayed in the bed downstairs and i believe at some point that night the abuse started. >> she being his sister. then there are abuse allegations by james, claiming jackson molested him on the children's train at neverland in 1988 or '89, but the train in neverland
4:48 pm
wasn't built until years later, most documents say 1993. we are not saying the accusers are lying, but there are clearly conflicting accounts, contradictions, and changing stories that would never be allowed to stand at face value during a trial. the michael jackson estate has filed $100 million lawsuit against hbo, which of course aired "leaving neverland." martha. >> martha: here with marc, geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large, who called himself one of michael jackson's friends. good to see you tonight. what's your reaction, sort of rebuttal documentary that has now been released? >> i think that it was long overdue. it's confirming what i've been saying since 2005. jackson and i were close between 2003 until the trial in 2005. he was a perfect family man, at least in front of me. we knew that robson was going to testify on his behalf. he testified very compellingly
4:49 pm
that jackson never touched him inappropriately. james claiming that he was molested at the neverland railroad station not yet built. this is fake news, martha. this is what we've been saying. michael jackson, i don't know, maybe he was a freak in his private life at some point, but these two witnesses, these assailants, they are assailants of the truth. what they were trying to do is cash in on jackson's estate once he passed. you know, it is shameful. they are absolute liars -- trace is more reticent than i am, i think the airplane myers. >> martha: here's what some people who watch that whole thing, a sickening documentary, and hearing their very detailed accounts of exactly -- the grooming, as they described it. they're out there saying, look, they were young boys. this guy mess with messed withr minds and convinced him to defend him and years later theye kids in their own and they're not going to do it anymore. you say to that argument?
4:50 pm
>> i think it's b.s., martha. and robson's case particularly. the guy is a choreographer. he wanted very much to be in cirque du soleil, the michael jackson show. he invested all his emotional ammo in getting that part, getting that gig. he did not get it. in bitterness, seeking money, he then changed his story. he is a mercenary. safe chuck is as well. these people from the very beginning were in it to get a piece of jackson's -- what they thought in armistice day. i think this man's reputation, the king of pop has been unfairly assailed. he lives unconventionally. let's face it, he's a weirdo in many ways. i say that in love and kindness, but these two people are liars. >> martha: will pick up later. because hbo should be ashamed. hbo should be ashamed of themselves for not doing a fair documentary. never seeking any comment from
4:51 pm
the jackson family. they could have come to me or million other people. >> martha: geraldo, i'm going to get cut off. thank you very much, we will have you back. back with the situation in philly after this. car insuranc, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?rom that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting.
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if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> martha: we are covering the breaking news tonight. an active shooting scene 15 minutes in philadelphia.
4:55 pm
shots fired. loud bangs according to people who are watching all of this as it unfolds. the 2020 candidates are responding to this situation. castro tweeted this. devastated that families are suffering while the wait to make government reform to keep people in our country safe. and gillibrand also weighing in: here's is jesse watters who grew up in philadelphia. your thoughts on what we are watching? >> when there is a terrorist attack in this country, the democrats say don't rush to judgment before we sign plame. -- blame. literally as wounded officers
4:56 pm
who were wounded are taken for care the democrats are politicizing it. he had handguns and an ar. we don't know if they were legally purchased. if you deny the good guys weapon the bad guys still get them. these guys are highly armed because they are trading in narcotics and they are supplied by the mexicans and the cartels from south america. they have to protect the product and the profit. the agents there to interrupt this deal didn't know they would be this out-gunned. >> martha: it is in bad taste to comment on these issues when people are still being shot at.
4:57 pm
it's more appropriate for anyone running for president to say we are monitoring this situation and we thank the law enforcement on the ground. we have reports -- four women said the police officers in philadelphia saved their lives. they within into this building where this shoot-out was happening and escorted these four women out of the building. they feel they owe their lives to the philadelphia police. that's appropriate at this moment. not a discussion about an obvious police action situation where guns and drug dealers, have guns -- who knows how they got them. this is a very different situation than in schools or in the recent shootings we saw. >> it seems like the guns are the result of the problem. the real problem is the dugs. -- drugs. the opioid and heroin and crack cocaine smuggled through the
4:58 pm
cartels to baltimore and north philadelphia. they are being used at the distribution hub throughout the east coast of the united states. this neighborhood in north philadelphia is the worst neighborhood in all of philadelphia. it has the worst crime. it has the highest poverty level and very hard to police. you have row home after row home, and each block is controlled by each gang. you don't know who is who. it's easy to hole up in a complex like this and stay there for a very long time. that's what the police are dealing with. to your point, you basically have to wait until things settle down and tip your hat to law enforcement who is doing an amazing job right now containing the violence. >> martha: yes, as i said to juan, this is the carnage that the president talked about in his inaugural address. the drug violence on the streets. let's talk about drugs and these issues in the inner cities that keep young people from getting the education they need and
4:59 pm
families from raising their children in a safe environment. that's the political are we are watching unfold here right now. also, this is being live streamed on facebook. people are outraged that's allowed to happen as well. >> the reason the drugs are so prevalent in neighborhood like this is because the manufacturing jobs which used to be there this north philadelphia, they had steel and auto and shipping back in the '50s and 60s. those jobs left. we have de-industrialized this country. there is no way to make money anymore so people turn to drugs to feed themselves and their family. the facebook live stream, they had to shut down all of the signals because the guy would you getting situational intelligence in the internet. once they shut that down, this will resolve quickly hopefullily. >> martha: that's the "story" of wednesday august 14, 2019.
5:00 pm
the "story" goes on tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. tucker carlson takes over live from washington, d.c. good night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark stein in for tucker who is gone fishing. gone whaling but put down the harpoon and will be talking to adam direct from the last whaling tavern in province town later. first, ice officers, the enforcement arm of u.s. immigration, across the country they are being hit with an escalating wave of violent threats. fox's trace gallagher has all of the details. >> mark,


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